Back Office Support Service

Back Office Support Service

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In Skyline, we have administration and support personnel who can perform documentation and technical support to the front office to effectively facilitate the course of work and the business transactions. They are also trained to successfully handle the responsibilities of providing all business functions related to operations.

We know that administrative functions are essential to businesses and can sometimes be very tedious, especially for a growing company. This involves large quantities of data acquired daily from different transactions that took place on a company’s front office. This includes meeting order requirements, applications handling, transaction organization, billing and fulfillments as well as collections that require efficient and productive back office solutions. And we have just the right people that can help you with that, functioning like they are a department under your company. While you either focus on other important aspects of your business, or just simply relax at the comfort of your home, we will make sure to carry out tasks and meet deadlines as we run your venture.


Aside from those enumerated above, we can also provide the following back office operations services:

Digital Transcription

Our team members are equipped with the experience or transferring spoken information from audio files to text documents via digital transcription. This requires you to pour long hours of transcribing, not to mention the required high-level of attentiveness and the workarounds. Instead of dwelling on this time-consuming task, let us handle it for you while you focus on more valuable tasks.

Photo Retouching

We also have team members trained on advanced Photo Retouching, a task that can take from several hours to a whole day. This is a very time-consuming work especially if several actions and techniques may be needed in order to make the photo presentable. You may also use this service on creating/developing logos, advertisements and other visual identities of your brand.

Data Management

As digital media grows more complex in social media and other forms of media, it is often a very tedious task to gather more user data which are useful in various situations such as collection of unique insights, leads generation and target-market acquisition. Our team members are trained to collect vital information on different social media spaces as well as websites, online forums etc. This grants you an access to indispensable information you may need to keep your business growing, and hands you genuine responses and feedbacks from your customers.

Accounting Data Entry

In Skyline, we have people with expertise in doing Accounting and Data Entry, who can help you compile and analyze information that will tell you how your business is going. They will also help you layout all possible scenarios in the future using factual information based on the pattern of the data entries made over the past days/weeks/months/years. Making you more aware of your business and providing you a clearer path with solutions ready for execution.

Retail and E-Commerce

Building an effective content marketing may be hard especially in today’s vastly growing online markets. Let our back office team help you out by connecting customer experiences and shopper information at each touchpoint. We can help you by rendering customer service to your patrons behind the front office, and making sure that every detail are looked into and deadlines are met in order for your brand to get the customer satisfaction it deserves.


As we work with you along the way, not only will we be keeping track of how your brand is doing and how the consumers view it, but we will also be gathering data that can answer most, if not all possible inquiries with your product. This information will also be useful on yielding predictions through the use of scientific methods, giving you feasible explanations and predictions on the phenomenon your business may encounter.