Why 2020 Is A Great Year For Outsourcing Customer Support Service?

Why 2020 Is A Great Year For Outsourcing Customer Support Service?


Outsourcing, offshoring, BPO whatever you call it, strategically this carrying sections of industry operations overseas is one of the fastest-growing trends in our globalizing world. And for favorable reasons particularly this year can be considered a crucial area of customer service.

Why outsource customer service?

With so many alternatives available for companies to communicate with each other, and for combining business systems with social media, the future of customer care, in general, looks pretty good. Also, the future of outsourcing client care looks even better, with obviously endless potential for rapid innovation.

Get access to skilled expertise

One of the main reasons why a firm may want to outsource a duty is when it demands skillful expertise. To let you focus on your core mission in presenting a high-quality product and service to your customer offshoring the job to experts who can perform it better makes sense.

A move to outsource is similar to asking for a helping hand. Plenty of smaller firms outsource not because they want to cut their overhead or they can’t find adequate staff, but because they just don’t have the in-house expertise.

Increasing in-house efficiency

After you designate duties to your outsourcing associate, they partake the workload of your agents. This empowers you to promote your internal task team and manage them more efficiently. 


Offshoring to a country like the Philippines, which is in a distinct time zone, provides you the added benefit of getting full use of your 24 hour day. Your outsourcing ally can take over and extend your work even after your agents go home. They can finish crucial tasks and convey them back for your review the next day.

Advance service and customer satisfaction

Your outsourcing ally, with their expert agents, will perform quality deliverables faster, improving your service around time to the customer. By on-time deliveries and high-quality assistance, your customers will be satisfied! Outsourcing can help you profit from increased customer satisfaction and consequently forming a stream of loyal customers.


Outsourcing several independent tasks empowers your business to have financial flexibility when there is a change in demand.  At a greatly more economical cost, outsourcing gives the extra benefit of managing your business in full throttle even during the off-season and holiday months.

Provide your business with a competitive edge

The ultimate advantage of outsourcing is that it supports your business to gain a competitive side in the market. 


Through strategic outsourcing to an outsourcing associate, you are not only giving your customers with best-of-breed services but boosting your productivity while operating your in-house resources effectively. Outsourcing can support you surpass competitors who have not yet recognized the profits of outsourcing.

Cut costs and save BIG!

Outsourcing presents an improvement in your productivity, customer loyalty, level of quality, business value, profits, and much more.

All the privileges listed above come with the bonus profit of lower prices and big savings! When you outsource services and choose excellent customer service to a low-cost country like the Philippines, you are getting access to quality services that are offered at a much lower cost! Securing an infrastructure can be extra weight for some businesses, which outsourcing can solve at a lower cost.

Do you have a business?

Do you want this business to grow even more this year?


Could outsourced customer support service be your secret weapon for business development?


Knowing that there is an increasingly competitive marketplace out there, outsourcing customer service can be your ace that enables businesses to offer high-quality, around-the-clock client care for a fraction of the cost of hiring local staff. With improvements in digital connections will only make these arrangements easier and more productive.


So what are the most important trends in outsourcing customer service in 2020?


In the past, customer assistance professionals pointed to specialize in one style of contact usually, phone calls channeled through call centers. Businesses often outsourced their call centers operating staff to cover online interaction on a fairly piecemeal basis.


Multi-channel customer support


People increasingly demand to have access to support from trained experts on the time of email, websites, social media, or whatever else they’re using. And so it’s now more effective to have experienced multi-channel team working across all access points to ensure smooth, efficient responses.


This idea brings multichannel customer service to the next level by eliminating the barriers between various channels to create a seamless customer experience. But having a strong public brand knowledge needs consistent visuals and tone across all platforms, as well as a way to easily transition between them. 


Social media sites


While social media is no longer new, it’s still evolving rapidly, causing it a vital demographic. Millennials almost live there, and other generations are quickly catching up residence. 


The possible harm from mishandling social media customer service is immense. 


Unless you have trained personnel monitoring the landscape around the clock, a complaint or elaborate meme that mocks your business can go viral before you even have a chance to reply. An outsourced customer support team that’s social media savvy and personally engaging is an excellent defense against this. 


They can also convert a disappointed customer complaining on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter into a satisfied user who will gladly share their delightful customer experience with their followers. Even little things like personalized comments thanking clients for positive feedback can create worthy warmth and an emotional connection with your brand that can quickly lead to more sales.


Smart Data


Optimal customer assistance doesn’t just answer queries and improve loyalty. It also creates valuable data to help promote products and services. Using a report from previous interactions can create knowledge bases on individuals and customer categories that can help businesses target their marketing or even predict customer needs. 


Automated feedback surveys and carefully tracked comments on social media round out the company’s data set. And in turn, it can become a priceless tool for the customer acquisition teams working to turn ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ into actual profits.


An outsourced customer service team can serve as a treasury of customer service data that can be interpreted across key metrics and fed back to business analysts at head office.


Why does it matter?


In a frequently globalized marketplace where everything can be arranged online, reputation and reliability can’t come at the value of cost and efficiency. Outsourcing customer service to the skilled team, accessible 24/7, at a fraction of the cost of setting up a similar team, can definitely be the making of a young company ready to expand if it’s done directly.


The quality of your customer assistance team is essential. As KPMG highlighted in its comprehensive article Tomorrow’s experience, today – Harnessing a customer-first approach in a changing world, “The intellectual requirement on employees to deal with the more complex issues means companies can no longer just throw low cost resources at customer service”. 


Getting knowledgeable, skilled employees who are also warm and quick thinkers is neither easy nor cheap in most countries. So creating an outsourced customer support service team of vetted experts can do surprises for your peace of mind.

Why Excellent Customer Service

Why Excellent Customer Service is Crucial to Improving Sales ...

We spend a lot of time talking about the positive effects of customer service (customer service). We’re experts on it. But how does customer service help boost your sales, and what happens if your customer service isn’t as great as it should be?


How does customer service affect sales?


Happy customers buy more. Retaining loyal customers leads to repeat purchases and keeping your customer satisfaction high is great for getting referrals.

The better your customer service, the more likely that your customers’ price sensitivity will drop. Satisfied customers – who feel like they are valued by the company – are generally much more willing to spend more than new customers.




Not only are existing customers more likely to spend more, they’re also easier to upsell to – 10 times easier actually. If you’re about to launch a new product, or you want to increase sales for a certain item, your loyal customers are one of your best options.

Customers who have consistently received good customer service, along with good products, are more likely to be loyal to your brand. 

Because of how high their satisfaction is, they’re much more open to trying new products. Remember that their price sensitivity is also lower! Not only are they more willing to try a new product, they’re probably going to pay the most for it. Provide excellent customer service and half the work of your advertising is done for you.


Higher Lifetime Value


This all leads to a much higher lifetime value (LTV) for your customers. Happy customers can have an LTV six times higher than regular customers.

And LTV is important. If a customer’s value is higher, they’re more profitable for your company and much more important to keep.

These customers can be five times as likely to buy from you again and are four times as likely to refer your company to another potential customer. So it isn’t only important to make sure your customer service is top notch, but also to make sure that it stays that way. Retain those happy customers!



Acquisition vs Retention – Why customer acquisition is important too 


How customer acquisition and retention can affect your sales


The difference between acquisition and retention can be vast. Not only in cost, but in growth. Retained and loyal customers can help increase your incremental growth by up to 20% a year. And that’s nothing to be sniffed at. Without customers, any business would be redundant. It’s important to appreciate the customers who are loyal to you and consider their needs. 

 If you get your customer service and your customer experience right, they’ll reward you through purchases and free endorsement. In fact, 89% of companies consider customer experience to be important to retaining customers. This kind of gradual growth is vital to any business. It’s the bedrock that keeps you grounded (grounded; get it?).

However, acquiring new customers is important for rapid growth. Although it is far more expensive to your company, it can often be worth it. New customers can be up to 2.8 times more important for rapid revenue growth than retained customers. If retained customers can increase your growth by 20%, consider what acquired customers can do for your company.


So what does that have to do with customer service? We’ve talked about how referrals are a good way of gaining new customers, but your fantastic customer service shouldn’t just stop there.Customer service can no longer just be an aftercare thought. If potential customers are browsing your website, this is when your customer service can change that lead into a conversion.


On-site advisors and webchat features are always helpful in pushing customers toward a sale. If a customer is finding your website difficult to navigate, or they can’t find the item they want, 78% of them may simply abandon their cart if the customer service isn’t good enough to help them.

But with excellent customer service, you can avoid this. Your operators should be there to lend a hand when it’s needed; they should be actively looking for people that they can help on your website.

Train your operators well and make sure they’re where they need to be to help turn potential customers into acquired ones. Otherwise, the meagre customer service you’re providing can affect your sales in more ways than abandoned carts.


What happens if your customer service is poor? –
Unhappy customers cost you money


If a customer has received a faulty item or is confused by a service you provide, helping them the first time should be a priority. First contact resolution (FCR) can save you money in the long-run.

Of course, your operators need to be well trained, have the right temperament, and be experts in the product or service in question. Without them doing a fantastic job on your frontline, those unhappy customers can become a nightmare.

One of the most famous examples is that of David Carroll and United Airlines. After United’s employees broke David’s guitar, the airline refused to admit its mistake or pay for the damage. This shameful customer service lead to David writing a song about United – using his broken guitar as a prop – which eventually cost the company $180 million. You can still find the song online!



Another great example is the confrontation that took place between Ocean Marketing employee, Paul Christoforo, and a disgruntled customer of N-Control, a gaming controller manufacturer.

Back Office Support Service

Back Office Support Service

Two men shaking hands

In Skyline, we have administration and support personnel who can perform documentation and technical support to the front office to effectively facilitate the course of work and the business transactions. They are also trained to successfully handle the responsibilities of providing all business functions related to operations.

We know that administrative functions are essential to businesses and can sometimes be very tedious, especially for a growing company. This involves large quantities of data acquired daily from different transactions that took place on a company’s front office. This includes meeting order requirements, applications handling, transaction organization, billing and fulfillments as well as collections that require efficient and productive back office solutions. And we have just the right people that can help you with that, functioning like they are a department under your company. While you either focus on other important aspects of your business, or just simply relax at the comfort of your home, we will make sure to carry out tasks and meet deadlines as we run your venture.


Aside from those enumerated above, we can also provide the following back office operations services:

Digital Transcription

Our team members are equipped with the experience or transferring spoken information from audio files to text documents via digital transcription. This requires you to pour long hours of transcribing, not to mention the required high-level of attentiveness and the workarounds. Instead of dwelling on this time-consuming task, let us handle it for you while you focus on more valuable tasks.

Photo Retouching

We also have team members trained on advanced Photo Retouching, a task that can take from several hours to a whole day. This is a very time-consuming work especially if several actions and techniques may be needed in order to make the photo presentable. You may also use this service on creating/developing logos, advertisements and other visual identities of your brand.

Data Management

As digital media grows more complex in social media and other forms of media, it is often a very tedious task to gather more user data which are useful in various situations such as collection of unique insights, leads generation and target-market acquisition. Our team members are trained to collect vital information on different social media spaces as well as websites, online forums etc. This grants you an access to indispensable information you may need to keep your business growing, and hands you genuine responses and feedbacks from your customers.

Accounting Data Entry

In Skyline, we have people with expertise in doing Accounting and Data Entry, who can help you compile and analyze information that will tell you how your business is going. They will also help you layout all possible scenarios in the future using factual information based on the pattern of the data entries made over the past days/weeks/months/years. Making you more aware of your business and providing you a clearer path with solutions ready for execution.

Retail and E-Commerce

Building an effective content marketing may be hard especially in today’s vastly growing online markets. Let our back office team help you out by connecting customer experiences and shopper information at each touchpoint. We can help you by rendering customer service to your patrons behind the front office, and making sure that every detail are looked into and deadlines are met in order for your brand to get the customer satisfaction it deserves.


As we work with you along the way, not only will we be keeping track of how your brand is doing and how the consumers view it, but we will also be gathering data that can answer most, if not all possible inquiries with your product. This information will also be useful on yielding predictions through the use of scientific methods, giving you feasible explanations and predictions on the phenomenon your business may encounter.

Community Management

Community Management

Community Management is an area that directly contributes to the growth of a brand, both in sales revenue and marketing. It starts by spreading the name of your brand and your product’s benefit through social media, effectively influencing your target consumers. Our team will manage your brand’s social space and oversee all your social media accounts. Along with today’s highly competitive markets are numerous advertising strategies, and here are the five Community Management steps we take for a successful brand growth:

Content Soundness

One key factor for an effective community management is keeping in mind that your company’s owned social spaces are the core of your engagements and getting customer feedback can help you strategically plan out each step of your brand acquisition. This requires people that can administer your community, making sure that the discussions on your communities are customer-centric, healthy and relevant.

Community-based Customer Care

In a vastly growing world of social media, it’s often very hard to keep up and monitor all the social media sites where reviews of your brand may become present. This then requires different people with different expertise in handling different topics raised by different types of consumers. Our community management team will help you monitor consumer insights as we scan through and respond to your brand mentions, hashtags, and followers’ posts real time, helping customers view your brand with a constant satisfaction.

Calamity Administration

Building a successful brand may be hard; yet damaging one is very easy. If an issue arises especially on social media, your brand’s integrity may just be a few clicks away from being harmed. These types of situations needs to be handled with urgency, and all concerns shall be addressed timely. In Skyline, we will layout possible solutions to every issue that may arise on every campaign so if a crisis hits you, you are well prepared with a plan ready for execution.

Customer Conservation

Keeping your current customers satisfied may be a challenge, especially if you have many competitor brands. One best practice for customer retention is keeping your brand’s community alive. Our community management team can help you plan out marketing strategies that will keep your customers engaged, by initiating healthy discussions, and doing promotional campaigns within your chosen social space- which will help turn your customers into brand ambassadors.

Cause Cultivation

We will help you bring forth your brand’s advocacy by posting announcements and articles that may influence your customers to generate contents that will give other potential customers a more personal, non-commercial view on your brand. This approach will not only help you keep your customers engaged and updated, it will also give you access to your customer’s point of view- an invaluable information and feedback of your brand which is vital in planning your marketing strategies as well as in improving your products or services.

Our Community Management team can engage as your company’s frontliners on your desired social media communities, where we help cultivate the integrity of your brand by fostering stronger relationships with your current and potential customers. Once a potential consumer sends an inquiry, we then speak to them as advocates, making sure that all questions and concerns are addressed.