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Ensuring customer satisfaction around-the-clock by utilizing both our professional agents and the latest cutting-edge AI technology.

What Skyline Offers

Customer Care

Elevate your customer support experience by connecting with our dedicated team of Skyline professionals. Trained and empowered to handle the latest AI-technology, our customer support professionals will immerse themselves in your brand’s identity to ensure seamless integration with your in-house staff.

We take pride in our collaborations with more than 100 enterprises and startups spanning across the US, UK, Western Europe, and Asia, solidifying our commitment to global excellence in customer support solutions.

Inbound & Outbound Customer Support

Skyline’s AI-infused agents handle all inbound requests, delivering essential information about your company, services, products, and exclusive offers.

By outsourcing with Skyline, we streamline your order processes, including order taking, pre-sale, and inbound sales.

For outbound services, our agents, integrated with AI capabilities, reach out to your customers, emphasizing the genuine human touch, fostering trust.

Outbound services include:
– Telesales
– Lead Qualification
– Customer Research



Technical Support and Help Desk”

Skyline provides an unmatched first, second, and third-line of outsourced technical support, tailored to your bespoke needs. Our seasoned remote technical support execs work with companies of all sizes from a wide-range of industries.

While your IT team is busy resolving serious issues, Skyline can help provide basic service and help desk coverage, taking this unneeded burden off your shoulders. We offer more well-rounded technical assistance for your customers 24/7, providing expert service and product support for even the most complex of issues.

Customer Success Management

With Skyline, you ensure continuous, quality support, propelling your customers towards enduring success with your offerings.

Our AI-infused services encompass:
– Portfolio Growth
– Holistic Customer Success
– Cross-selling and Upselling
– Customer Satisfaction and Retention
– Promotional Campaign Support

Complaint Management

Empower your brand with Skyline’s complaint management:
– Quality Assurance: Fine-tune offerings using insightful feedback.
– Customer Satisfaction: Minimize grievances, fortifying loyalty.

Customer Support with a Modern Twist

Stay ahead of the curve and revolutionize your website’s customer support with Skyline’s newest integration on their service.

Hybrid Support Mode: We believe in the power of AI, but we also value human intuition. Our Hybrid Support Mode seamlessly integrates human agents with AI, allowing you to strike the perfect balance between efficiency and personalized touch.

Adaptive Learning: Our AI doesn’t just work – it evolves. Skyline’s system tailors and improves its solutions based on previous trends, customer interactions, and new market data. Minimizing training while maximizing response quality!

Localized Insights: Skyline isn’t a generic solution. We recognize the distinctiveness of the crypto market, and our AI is primed to provide insights, solutions, and support techniques tailored to this uniqueness.

Advanced Security: Trust is paramount in any business, but even greater in Cryptocurrency. Skyline uses state-of-the-art security anonymising protocols ensuring every piece of sensitive information is shielded from potential threats.

Operational Metrics Transformation: Skyline’s integration brought about significant enhancements across various crucial aspects.

Here are the most note-worthy improvements:

  • 40% reduction in operation cost by letting our AI-technology handle the majority of the queries, while our agents focus on complex issues.
  • 20% increase in traction speed due to Skyline’s improvement in processing and managing support tickets.
    99.9% uptime, operations remained consistently smooth and free of disruptions.
  • Customer satisfaction, as reported from a notable Asian exchange, had a 25% surge in their CSAT scores and a notable 15-point increase in NPS within 6 months of Skyline’s seamless integration.

Addressing AI Concerns:

Data Security: Your data is sacrosanct. We employ end-to-end encryption, ensuring robust protection.
Ethics: AI operates within our stringent ethical framework, promoting transparency, fairness, and respect.

Advantages of AI Integration for Business:
1. Reclaim your time; let AI handle the routine.
2. Fasten processes and prevent delays.
3. Automatic inventory management with ERP & POS.
4. Seamless customer satisfaction.
5. Slashed maintenance costs.
6. Focus on core objectives; let AI handle the rest.
7. Amplify sales and revenue.
8. Easier marketing with automated emails and pre-set social media campaigns.

Businesses operate in a global market, spanning multiple time zones. AI chatbots ensure customers receive assistance anytime, day or night.

Humans can have off days, leading to inconsistent service. Chatbots provide a uniformly positive and consistent customer experience every time.

Deploying AI chatbots can significantly reduce the overhead associated with maintaining large customer service teams, especially for basic queries.

Handle thousands of queries simultaneously. As your business grows, chatbots can effortlessly manage increased customer interactions without the need for proportional staff increases.

In the digital age, customers expect immediate responses. Chatbots can provide answers in real-time, enhancing customer satisfaction.

AI chatbots can collect and analyze user interactions, providing valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and pain points.

Using accumulated data, chatbots can offer personalized product recommendations and solutions to customers, enhancing the shopping experience.

Modern AI chatbots can interact in multiple languages, offering localized responses based on the user’s region, breaking down barriers in global markets.

While humans can occasionally provide incorrect information due to oversight or fatigue, AI chatbots pull data directly from sources, ensuring accuracy.

AI chatbots can be integrated with inventory systems, CRMs, and more, offering real-time stock updates, order statuses, and detailed product information.

Machine learning allows chatbots to continuously improve from every interaction, ensuring that the solutions they offer become increasingly effective over time.

AI chatbots can handle multiple tasks simultaneously, from answering customer queries to processing orders or setting reminders for follow-ups.

By integrating AI chatbots and AI automation into businesses, companies can ensure they are on the cutting edge of customer service, efficiency, and market adaptability.

The most significant and valuable difference between regular automation and AI automation for businesses lies in their ability to handle complexity and adaptability:

Adaptive Learning & Decision-making:

Regular Automation: It follows predefined rules and scripts. It can’t deviate from its programming or adapt to new, unexpected situations. For example, if a business process requires sorting emails based on specific keywords, regular automation would sort them exactly as programmed without considering context or changes.

AI Automation: Employs machine learning and data analytics to adapt, learn, and make decisions based on the data it encounters. It’s not limited to predefined rules and can handle a broader array of tasks with varying complexities. For instance, in the email sorting example, AI could learn from the user’s behavior to identify and sort emails even if they don’t contain the exact keywords but have similar content or context.

For businesses, this means that while regular automation can streamline predictable and repetitive tasks, AI automation can dynamically respond to changing situations, provide insights from large datasets, and continuously improve processes based on real-time feedback. In essence, AI automation provides a layer of intelligence and adaptability that regular automation lacks, making it invaluable for businesses in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.


Our Clients

Why Companies Choose Us

Expert Teams

Support staff of seasoned professionals take on common & complicated tasks with ease

Multilingual Support

Our customer support executives are fluent in English, Spanish, French, German, Tagalog, Malay, Thai and other languages

QM & PM Control

One-of-a-kind quality assurance system; exclusive project management team for every project

Bespoke Approach

We strive to find the most suitable solution for every client’s unique business needs

Wide-ranging Expertise

Market leaders with unmatched customer support experience providing advice and feedback to companies around the world

360° Security

We implement security & IT systems that match international standards (ISO 27001)

Support Across Channels




30 Seconds


Live Chat makes it easier for businesses like yours to interact with your customers from anywhere in the world.

  • Improve customer service and loyalty
  • Spend less, get more, and expand market reach
  • Increase your business credibility




30 Seconds


Reach customers where they are. Fill needs, solve questions, and provide help within your app.

  • Implement real-time, in-app support to increase customer retention
  • Better brand recognition with a direct marketing channel for your customers
  • Provide customers another reason to log in to your app




30 Seconds


Provide detailed customer support through email. Quick, thoughtful responses from our Skyline team help your customers get the most out of your product or service.

  • Give lightning-fast responses to every customer email
  • Allow personalized email support with the ability to attach files.
  • Provide detailed information about an issue and troubleshooting




30 Seconds


Experience the expertise of our Skyline team — always helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable when answering questions about your product.

  • Provide customer satisfaction while solving a problem with empathy
  • Answer queries with fast, knowledgeable phone-support
  • Turn complaints as an opportunity to elaborate your product or service




30 Seconds


Your customer loves to spend their time in social media, many people having an issue or question look for a quick solution by using social media.

  • Protect your brand reputation on social media with Skyline Live Support
  • Reply as quickly as possible on social media
  • With excellent customer experience, your customer will be your business’ top promoter on social media

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