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One Team, All Our Services, Project-Based!

“Steering away from our classic outsourcing model, Skytask offers a fresh project-based approach. Tailored for all enterprises, our in-house team excels in services from customer support, community growth & management to crypto shilling and 3D design!”


At Skytask, we are dedicated to providing exceptional online services tailored to the unique needs of our valued customers and clients. Our high-performing team takes pride in delivering top-notch results and expertly managing your business, with a strong commitment to your success. We prioritize meeting your requirements without straining your budget, ensuring a cost-effective path to achieving excellence and fostering growth within your business and community.

One of Skytask’s distinguishing features is our flexible 1-4 month contract option, allowing clients the chance to firsthand experience and evaluate the caliber of our services.

Rest assured, the quality of our services is guaranteed, as we are guided by the following core principles:

Clients can always be confident that their success remains our utmost priority. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring the long-term success of their business. We also remain flexible and open to accommodating changes or adjustments, recognizing that each business possesses unique requirements.

Our pricing will always be consistently cost-effective, in comparison to other companies providing similar services, without compromising on the quality of our services.

Throughout the duration of our service, clients can ensure that we are committed to maintaining the highest level of professionalism in every aspect of our business. Upholding the highest quality standards for all of our business processes while diligently complying with all relevant legal regulations that protect all parties involved.

Clients can freely check any data that is relevant to our partnership. From the employees’ Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to their attendance and monthly data reports, everything will be recorded and presented to our clients once requested.

One of the most popular places to outsource is the Philippines. The country has a large English-speaking population, making communication easy.According to Outsource Accelerator, “Outsourcing opportunities in the Philippines are not limited to multi-billion-dollar companies. Small businesses also stand to benefit from the country’s attractive outsourcing climate, as is demonstrated by Human Proof Designs’ success story.

Our Facilities

At Skytask, our mission is to deliver exceptional service while prioritizing the well-being and comfort of our employees within our office spaces. We not only boast state-of-the-art equipment and a high-speed, reliable internet connection, but we also maintai

Located in Manila, majority of our operations are housed within the Baby’s Building, strategically positioned to efficiently serve our global clientele with seamless coordination.

Additionally, our office is equipped with biometric entry and attendance monitoring equipment. Along with a 24/7 surveillance camera to protect all the physical assets of our company and clients.


Operating System: Windows 10
Motherboard: ASUS Prime H510M-E mATX Motherboard
Processor: Intel Core i7-11700 2.5GHz 8 Core CPU, 16 Thread, 4.9GHz Turbo
Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM010 1tb 7200RPM 64MB Cache Sata Hard disk Drive
RAM: (1-2) Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB 1866MHz DDR3 CL10 DIMM
GPU: Palit GeForce GT 1030 NEC103000646-1082F 2gb 64bit Ddr4, Graphics Clock 1151MHz, HDMI, HD resolution, Videocard
Monitor: AOC M2060SWD 19.53″ VA Monitor 1920*1080 FHD
Headset: Plantronics BLACKWIRE C320 M
Internet Connection: We maintain subscriptions with multiple internet service providers to guarantee uninterrupted 24/7 service. Presently, our internet connection operates at speeds ranging from 90 to 100 Mbps.

Our Clients



Shilling/Branding: Perfect for newly released projects/ tokens, Skytask will assign a team of experienced branders to advertise your project through different social media platforms. Branding services are composed of, but are not limited to:

  • KOC Marketing
  • Counter-trolling
  • Social Media Posting/ Awareness

Community Management:

Keep your communities in check, Skytask will assign a team of expert community managers/ admin to ensure your community’s growth and health by:

  • Engaging with members
  • Moderating discussions
  • Complaint management
  • Creating contents
  • Organizing events
  • Gathering feedback

Customer Support

Customer Support: Letting the customers be heard, Skytask’s team of experienced CS agents will cater to every customer’s inquiries 24/7. CS services Skytask can offer are:

  • Complaint Management
  • Inbound and Outbound Customer Support
  • Help Desk and Technical Support
  • Order Processing

Back Office Support:

Back Office Support: Focus on more important aspects of your business by letting Skytask handle your back support, mainly but not limited to:
Data Management
Order Management
Admin Back-up

3D Animation

Pre-made 3D Models: Welcome to a world of limitless creativity and innovation! We are thrilled to present our exceptional collection of meticulously crafted 3D models. These digital wonders are the product of passion, precision, and cutting-edge technology, designed to revolutionize your projects and bring your ideas to life in three-dimensional splendor.

  • Furniture & Home
  • Interior/ Exterior Designs
  • AR/VR Models
  • Characters & Creatures)

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