Skyline LSC


Effective Sales Management with Salesforce

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the leading sales platform that offers a range of sales, marketing and customer services for businesses of all sizes. It’s customer relationship management service is used widely across multiple industries, helping bring customers and businesses together.



Track and manage communications with all customers from initial contact to resolution.


Empower customers with a convenient FAQ and troubleshooting portal that saves time and frees up resources.


Reach customers wherever they connect with your brand for a more cohesive and connected customer experience.


Focus on the needs of customers and personalize their journey with your brand to promote loyalty and repeat purchases.

How Skyline supports customers using Salesforce

Salesforce offers a range of customer-oriented features we can help you manage.

      Live Chat

  • The customer initiates a chat with a message through Salesforce web chat feature
  • A member of the customer service team will introduce themself
  • We’ll check the customers concerns and provide them with the best possible resolution
  • We’ll guide the customer until the issue is fixed
  • Depending on the resolution, we may need to convert the chat to a ticket for investigation or follow-ups

        Account Management

  • The customer interacts with your brand on one of your channels
  • Make a note of the interaction on the customer’s profile
    Sales, marketing and customer service teams will collaborate to build a bigger picture of the customer’s journey
  • Moving forward, we will be able to offer more personalized services based on the customer’s past interactions

      Knowledge Base

  • Gather data on common incoming queries from the community
  • Create detailed guides that allow customers to troubleshoot and find solutions to these issues themselves.
  • Over time, build an extensive self-service knowledge base that empowers customers, saving time and resources