From Challenges to Success: How Skyline Transformed DigiLicenses’ Operations

Prior to their partnership with Skyline, DigiLicenses grappled with a slew of operational obstacles that impeded their expansion and efficiency in meeting customer demands. These challenges collectively presented formidable barriers, hindering DigiLicenses’ capacity to deliver streamlined customer support, cultivate favorable customer experiences, and foster sustainable business growth. With a keen eye for practicality and efficacy, DigiLicenses identified Skyline as a potential ally capable of tackling their unique challenges and instigating tangible enhancements in their operations.


The challenges confronting DigiLicenses’ customer support department were multifaceted, encompassing:

  1. Lack of Manpower: They struggled with a shortage of staff, leading to difficulties in managing their customer support operations effectively. The limited workforce made it challenging to handle the increasing demands of their international clientele, resulting in potential service gaps and customer dissatisfaction.
  2. Slow Resolution Time: Due to resource constraints and the overwhelming workload, DigiLicenses experienced delays in resolving customer queries and issues. The prolonged resolution time not only impacted customer satisfaction but also strained the overall efficiency of their operations.
  3. Startup Web Shops Requiring Boost in Customer Reviews: As a provider catering to startup web shops, they encountered the need to bolster customer reviews to establish credibility and attract more business. However, without adequate support and resources, achieving this objective proved to be a daunting task.
  4. Poor Team Communication: Inefficient communication channels within DigiLicenses’ team further exacerbated their operational challenges. Miscommunication and lack of coordination hindered workflow efficiency, leading to delays and inconsistencies in service delivery.


Confronting these challenges requires strategic interventions to improve customer support services and operational efficiency at DigiLicenses. Skyline diligently addressed the operational challenges faced by DigiLicenses through a series of customized solutions aimed at enhancing their customer service capabilities and overall efficiency.


These series of customized solutions are:

  1. Customized Multilingual Support Team: Skyline provided DigiLicenses with a dedicated team of seven trained individuals capable of catering to customers’ needs in a multilingual manner. This initiative aimed to bridge communication gaps and ensure seamless interactions with their international clientele.
  2. 24-Hour Customer Service: Recognizing the importance of round-the-clock support, Skyline implemented a 24-hour customer service operation, ensuring that assistance was readily available to DigiLicenses’ customers at any time of the day or night.
  3. Integration Process Enhancement: Skyline took proactive steps to familiarize and train the assigned team members for several months prior to the start of the contract. Additionally, a systematic approach to addressing customer concerns was introduced to improve resolution times. This included the use of templates for common customer issues and tutorial videos to guide customers through troubleshooting processes.
  4. Remote Access Training: All team members were trained to perform remote access on customers’ devices, enabling efficient troubleshooting and issue resolution without the need for physical intervention.
  5. Implementation of FreshDesk: Skyline proposed the use of FreshDesk, an organized and user-friendly ticketing system, to streamline customer support processes and improve task management. Furthermore, assistance was provided in identifying additional software tools to enhance team communication and task coordination, particularly with client employees located in different countries.


These comprehensive solutions collectively aimed to address DigiLicenses’ operational challenges, improve customer service capabilities, and foster greater efficiency and effectiveness in their operation, yielding significant improvements and outcomes:

  1. Noticeable Improvement in Customer Reviews: DigiLicenses experienced a notable improvement in the number of customer reviews following Skyline’s intervention. This positive trend in customer feedback indicated enhanced satisfaction levels and reflected favorably on DigiLicenses’ reputation.
  2. Positive Trust Score Leading to Higher Sales: The commendable trust score attained by DigiLicenses translated into higher sales volumes, underscoring the correlation between customer trust and purchasing behavior. This outcome highlighted the tangible impact of improved customer service and satisfaction on their business performance.
  3. Increased Customer Contact Traffic: The high sales volume achieved by DigiLicenses also led to increased customer contact traffic, indicating a growing engagement with their products and services. This uptick in customer interaction underscored the effectiveness of Skyline’s solutions in driving customer engagement and fostering stronger relationships with DigiLicenses’ clientele.
  4. Expansion of Client Portfolio: Skyline’s partnership with DigiLicenses started with only one account but gradually expanded to include additional accounts as the trust and satisfaction levels increased. This expansion demonstrated the success of Skyline’s solutions in meeting their needs and delivering measurable results.
  5. Team Growth: The DigiLicenses team experienced substantial growth, increasing from 7 to 11 members initially, and further expanding to 14 members. This expansion reflected the scalability and adaptability of Skyline’s solutions to accommodate DigiLicenses’ evolving requirements and growing customer base.


These results underscored the effectiveness of Skyline’s interventions in addressing DigiLicenses’ challenges, driving positive outcomes, and positioning them for sustained growth and success in the competitive marketplace.



In the following section, we explore the tangible impacts of Skyline’s intervention on DigiLicenses’ operations and customer satisfaction metrics. Through an in-depth examination of statistical evidence, comparative before-and-after data, and firsthand customer reviews, we shed light on the transformative journey embarked upon by DigiLicenses with Skyline’s assistance.


Account #1 –

Before Skyline

After Skyline (Turn over July 13, 2022)



Account #9 –

Before Skyline

After Skyline (turn over Dec. 14, 2022)



Ticket Traffic

Before Skyline

After Skyline (April 1, 2022 onwards)

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