Transforming Customer Support: Skyline’s Case Study with King of Shopping

In the early days of Skyline as a budding outsourcing company, we embarked on a mission to provide tailored solutions to businesses facing operational challenges. King of Shopping’s decision to partner with us stemmed from their recognition of the need for external support to address critical issues hindering their operational efficiency, becoming our very first client. Through this partnership, Skyline committed to providing King of Shopping with bespoke solutions aimed at overcoming their specific challenges and elevating their overall performance. This collaboration laid the groundwork for a fruitful relationship built on trust, communication, and a shared goal of driving success.


Before partnering with Skyline, King of Shopping faced several challenges that hindered their efficiency and customer satisfaction:

  1. Limited Support Availability: King of Shopping struggled with limited online support, being available only 8 hours a day for 5 days a week. This restriction meant that customers had to wait for support during off-hours, leading to frustration and potentially lost business opportunities.
  2. Slow Response Time: Another significant challenge was the slow response time. Customers often had to wait for hours or even days to receive a resolution to their queries or issues. This delay not only prolonged the resolution time but also contributed to poor customer satisfaction levels.
  3. Untimely Order Approvals: King of Shopping also faced difficulties in processing back-office order approvals promptly. This delay in the approval process could lead to bottlenecks in their operations, affecting overall efficiency and potentially causing dissatisfaction among customers waiting for their orders to be processed.


These challenges collectively created a negative impact on King of Shopping’s operations, resulting in decreased customer satisfaction and possibly affecting their bottom line. Skyline diligently addressed the challenges faced by King of Shopping by implementing customized solutions tailored to their specific needs.


Here’s how we transformed their operational landscape:

  1. Customized 24/7 Customer Support: Skyline stepped in to provide round-the-clock customer support, ensuring that assistance was readily available whenever King of Shopping’s customers needed it. By offering both chat and phone support options, we expanded the avenues through which customers could reach out for assistance, enhancing accessibility and responsiveness.
  2. Integration Process Enhancement: Recognizing the importance of seamless integration, Skyline expanded King of Shopping’s support ecosystem beyond FreshDesk by incorporating Freshchat and Freshcaller. This integration facilitated smoother communication channels and enabled them to stay updated with the latest product knowledge, ensuring efficient resolution of customer queries and issues.
  3. Investment in Quality Training: Skyline prioritized the provision of excellent customer service by investing in comprehensive training programs for our support team. By equipping our agents with the necessary skills and knowledge, we ensured that they could deliver prompt and effective assistance to King of Shopping’s customers, thereby enhancing overall satisfaction and loyalty.


Through these strategic initiatives, Skyline not only addressed King of Shopping’s immediate challenges but also positioned them for long-term success by fostering a culture of excellence in customer support and service delivery. The collaborative efforts between Skyline and King of Shopping yielded significant improvements and positive outcomes, ultimately transforming their operational landscape.


Here are the results achieved:

  1. Faster Order Processing: By streamlining processes and enhancing operational efficiency, King of Shopping experienced a notable acceleration in order processing times. This improvement translated into quicker turnaround times for customers, leading to enhanced satisfaction and loyalty.
  2. Improved Customer Service Options: Through the implementation of customized solutions and expanded support channels, King of Shopping enhanced their customer service offerings. Customers now had more avenues to seek assistance and receive prompt resolutions to their queries and concerns, contributing to an overall improvement in the quality of customer support.
  3. Remarkable Increase in Reviews and Customer Feedback: The positive changes implemented by Skyline resulted in a remarkable increase in reviews and favorable customer feedback for King of Shopping. Satisfied customers were more inclined to share their positive experiences, thereby bolstering their reputation and fostering trust among existing and potential clientele.


These results underscore the effectiveness of the strategic initiatives undertaken by Skyline in addressing King of Shopping’s challenges and driving tangible improvements in their operational performance and customer satisfaction levels.



In the following section, we delve into the tangible impacts of Skyline’s intervention on King of Shopping’s operations and customer satisfaction metrics. Through a detailed analysis of statistical evidence, comparative before-and-after data, and firsthand customer reviews, we illuminate the transformative journey undertaken by King of Shopping with Skyline’s assistance.


Ticket Trends

Before Skyline

After Skyline



Review Statistics

Before Skyline

After Skyline



Customer Reviews Before Skyline

Customer Reviews After Skyline


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